A meal ground from corn. It originated in Mexico roughly 9,000 years ago and 8,000 years later was grown throughout North America. Native Americans ground it into the cornmeal that their descendants introduced to English colonists, who called all recipes that included cornmeal "Indian," as in Indian bread or Indian pudding. Whole grain cornmeal is a fair source of thiamin and magnesium. It is also a good source of selenium. Cornmeal products made from dried corn, such as grits, polenta, and masa flour, are also a good source of vitamin B6 and folate.

Sunflower Meal

Sunflower meal is the by-product of the extraction of oil from sunflower seeds. In terms of production, it is the 4th most important oil meal after soybean meal, rapeseed meal and cottonseed meal. Sunflower seeds are excellent sources of several nutrients — including vitamin E and selenium — and beneficial plant compounds that can help prevent chronic diseases.

Rice Bran

The nutrient-rich hard outer layer of the rice cereal grain, with potential chemopreventive, antioxidant, iron chelating, anticholesterol and anti-inflammatory activities. Rice bran is used for treating diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, alcoholism, obesity, and AIDS; for preventing stomach and colon cancer; for preventing heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease; for strengthening the immune system; for increasing energy and improving athletic performance.

Wheat Bran

The bran is the hard outer layer of the wheat kernel, which is jam-packed with various nutrients and fiber. During the milling process, the bran is stripped away from the wheat kernel and becomes a byproduct. Bran is rich in minerals such as iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus.

Barley Bran / Meal

The use of barley bran derived from huskless or de-husked barley or oat bran derived from husked oat kernels is also becoming more widespread thanks to their high soluble dietary fibre content, in particular their -β-glucan content. When consumed as a whole grain, barley is a particularly rich source of fiber, molybdenum, manganese and selenium. It also contains good amounts of copper, vitamin B1, chromium, phosphorus, magnesium and niacin.
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