A chiefly freshwater fish of the salmon family, found in both Eurasia and North America and highly valued for food and game. Trout is a mild fish with delicate flavors. When fried, grilled or cooked quickly in recipes such as garlic and lemon juice, trout tastes delicious.


Poultry tools are domestic animals that are raised by humans for their eggs and feathers. Along with its meats, poultry is one of the two most widely eaten types of meat worldwide, with more than 70% of the meat amoung them in 2012. All chicken meat should be handled properly and cooked adequately to reduce the risk of food poisoning

Frozen Meat

Meat that has been subjected to rapid freezing and is kept frozen until used. Frozen meat which has been frozen after slaughter to a temperature of minus 8 degrees Celsius or below. The principal reason for packaging meat during frozen display is to minimize moisture loss. Moisture loss causes deleterious effects on the texture, flavor, and color of the meat. As long as the display keeps the temperature of the meat below -12 °C there will be no microbial problems.
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